Date #1 Raoul and Christine

Theme: If you don’t know who Raoul and Christine are, that’s okay, I’ll try not to hold that against you! Kidding! This fictional couple is from the book and musical The Phantom of the Opera. Both Danny and I are fans of The Phantom of the Opera. One of the first songs that Danny played for me was All I Ask of You from the musical. We both dressed up like we were going to the opera. I bustled up the netting on my dress to make it more period.My bustled dress and costume jewelry.

My bustled dress and costume jewelry.


The Menu: I tried to think of a decadent dinner, since our couple comes from wealth in Paris during the early 1900s. Scampi-style steak & scallops, roasted asparagus, heart-y salad and heart crescent rolls, seemed to fit the bill!


Our delicious surf and turf dinner!


The heart-y salad.

Entertainment: While we ate, we listened to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. We were going to play fill-in-the blank lyrics, but ran out of time.

Time: Cooking together, getting dressed up, eating and talking took 2 hours. Since we started at 8:15p and lingered over dinner, we didn’t get to play any games or write in our journal. But that is okay!  After quickly cleaning up dinner, we headed straight to the bedroom ;)

Decor: All the decorations were collected from around the house, most of them from our room. The kiddos helped me set up the table. They thought it was so much fun setting up a surprise for Daddy. I tried to stick with red, white and sparkle. I pulled out our china and made sure to set the table properly!


We love candlelit dinners!

Cost: Free decorations and wardrobe.

2 at $1.89 – Aldi filet mignon wrapped in bacon… I’ll let that sink in. I’ll be honest I was suspicious of buying these but using these in the recipe that I linked, was perfect!

$1.00 – scallops (I bought a frozen bag, pulled out only 18 and saved the rest for another dinner.)

$2.00 – Aldi frozen asparagus.

$1.30 – Crescent rolls

$3.00 – Salad

$3.50 – Lucky Duck Moscato

$14.58 – Total!!

Pretty cheap for a hot Valentine’s date! No crowds and no tipping!

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day too!

xo, nikki :)



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